Malta Canoe Federation

The Malta Canoe Federation (MCF) will be organising a 24hr relay canoe marathon as a fund raising event in aid of San Miguel School. San Miguel is a Special School that caters for the needs of students with profound and multiple learning disability. It incorporates both primary and secondary school students.

Which Canoe/Kayak Discipline
Do You Prefer Most ?


Become a professional athlete with an aggressive boost to the body, reaching your best potential in Kayaking.


Explore the best waters around the world with an experience in kayaking tours. Get the best advice from experts.

Canoe Polo

Learn the water games and become a professional sportsperson, playing for the best canoe polo teams in your region.

Canoe Performance Training Seminar

The Malta Canoe Federation will be hosting a high calibre seminar on canoe performance training over four days starting at 5pm on the 17th of November at the Preluna Hotel, Sliema. The seminar is aimed at canoeists, kayakers and coaches as well as those who may be interested in undertaking ultra-marathon canoeing events where extracting top performance, both power and endurance are key.



The MCF marathon season 2007 races take place around Manuel Island with the bridge designated as start/finish line. Two categories shall be competing in these races, namely the ‘elite’ athletes and the ‘clubman’ athletes.



Malta Canoe Federation (MCF) met last Sunday for the first meeting of the sprinting season. Sprint differs from marathon although similar kayaks are used, with true sprint boats being highly technical and expensive machines. 


Kayak Paddle

Kayak paddles have two blades, usually set at an angle to each other (called offset) between 60° and 85° apart. The following notes assume right handed paddlers and paddles.Stand the paddle vertically alongside you.

Kayaking Duo At ICF Flatwater Sprint World Championships

Local athletes Christopher Camilleri and Matthew Schembri recently returned from the ICF Flatwater Sprint World Championships in Szeged, Hungary. As this was one of the qualifiers for the London Olympics, the bar was set high and the duo certainly had their work cut out for them however this only added to their drive and determination.

Improvements & Achievements

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Oatmeal is what you need before a canoe workout

Many bodybuilders want to gain mass to progress but do not really know where to start. In order to create a caloric surplus, it is advisable to absorb more calories than needed and this will happen mainly on carbohydrate intake. Among these, oatmeal before workout is very popular on the market of sports nutrition since we can find it in the form of flour to mix with your supplements. In this article, we will see if it is possible to consume oatmeal in mass gain.

What is a mass gain in bodybuilding?
In bodybuilding, a mass gain is a period when the athlete will increase his caloric intake in order to gain weight and strength for more performance in training. Indeed, the objective is to acquire a more voluminous muscle mass with as little fat as possible. For this, it is recommended to calculate your daily caloric intake in order to increase them and create a caloric surplus compared to your expenses. It is also recommended to follow an intense and regular training program.

There is no need to throw yourself on any food that may be too rich in fat or sugar, but rather choose complex, quality carbohydrate sources with as little sugar as possible. In fact, it is advisable to have an intake of at least 2g of protein per kilo of body weight to ensure the maintenance and development of muscle mass (1). We find them in meat, eggs, vegetable proteins, dairy products, legumes, fish etc… Moreover, you can meet your protein needs with the use of protein powders like My Iso Whey

Lipids, often put aside, are not to be neglected. It is advisable to have an intake of 1g of fat per kilo of body weight to ensure the general health of the body. You can give priority to omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent cardiovascular disease (2). They are found mainly in fatty fish, dried fruits, vegetable butters, vegetable oils and in food supplements such as Fish Oil Softgels from Optimum Nutrition.

What are oat flakes?
Oatmeal is a source of quality carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, widely used by bodybuilders because it is rich in complete carbohydrates and fiber but has a low sugar content. Therefore, they can provide energy in a sustainable way while avoiding the insulin peak.

Simple and quick to use, you can mix them with many ingredients but especially with protein-rich food supplements. This is why we find oatmeal in the form of flour like My Instant Oats from MyMuscle to prepare your own snacks directly in a shaker since the oatmeal is mixed to facilitate the mixtures.

For example, you can mix whey isolate powder with oatmeal and water or plant-based milk in a bowl and add fruit and/or plant-based butter for a healthy, balanced breakfast. You can also reproduce this recipe as a snack depending on your diet program.

Can we eat oatmeal to gain weight?
As seen previously, the consumption of oatmeal is recommended in mass gain because you will be able to increase your carbohydrate intake and therefore your calories without increasing your sugar intake too much. Moreover, many gainers are composed of oats to help you gain weight like Gold Standard Gainer from Optimum Nutrition.

You can also create your own homemade gainer with oatmeal or oatmeal powder, whey protein or even oilseeds or vegetable butters with fruit. The amount of oats will be determined according to your needs.


oatmeal before workout


How to train your muscules before a competition ? The peloton workout is the best solution

Months of social isolation and monotony at home have pushed us to face new ways and invest in new things: the Nintendo Switch. Sourdough bread. Dogs fed. Puzzles. Luckily, our new, healthier habits have been made all the easier by companies like Peloton, a portable spin bike and connected digital app that offers intensive cardio classes with real instructors. Ready to join the Peloton cult, but discouraged by the high price tag, which starts at $1,895? The good news is that you can buy Peloton workouts for $12.99 a month and do them on a much cheaper exercise bike. Less glamour, same benefits. The best Peloton alternatives include the features that made Peloton so popular in the first place: LCD shelves, or at least a place to attach your own, to easily stream classes, high-strength wheels for a sweaty workout, and highly customizable options that prioritize comfort. And they’re all under $1,300.

The best Peloton-Alternative 2021 training bikes

While the C6 doesn’t come with its own screen attached, it’s perfect for anyone who already has a large tablet, which can be safely placed on a durable stand atop the bike to stream spinning classes online. It does, however, come with a smaller backlit LCD metric console and a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate armband monitor. At the end of the day, you can get a Peloton workout with the C6 because of the magnetic resistance on its wheels (it comes with 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels) and toe cages on the pedals that ensure you don’t lose your balance while riding. You can pay for it in full or pay in installments, at $56 per month.

Considering its large interactive touchpad, which offers professional coaches via the MYX exercise app, this spin bike is a bargain. At least given the fact that it offers almost all the same benefits as the Peloton, minus the high price and viral hype. But if you want to get crafty: it’s probably a smart move to replace The MYX subscription ($29 per month) with the Peloton digital subscription ($12.99 per month) to get authentic Peloton workouts on the cheaper bike. Win-win.


The highly customizable Echelon is an affordable way to get a sweaty workout at home. It features 6-inch levers that allow for easy seat adjustment, aerodynamic handlebars for stability, and indexing resistance knobs that let you change the tension level of the flywheel up to 32 different settings. Like MYX, you’ll get the best deal if you replace the Echelon membership with the Peloton membership, as its functionality works for a variety of heavy training options.


This cycling bike is specifically designed to work with the Peloton app, allowing you to stream any of the company’s classes, live or otherwise, from its full-color backlit LCD screen. If you don’t have a Peloton subscription, you can stream any of your favorite workout videos, including its Explore the World connected app, which features virtual races, exotic locations and immersive trails so you can really feel like you’re out of reach. home. It also comes with 3lb dumbbells that can be stored in two flanking cradles.


This bike is an absolute steal considering the high technology that comes with it. It includes a 7-inch HD color touchscreen tablet, an auxiliary music port and two Bluetooth speakers to make your workouts as entertaining as possible. Perhaps the best part of the Nordic Track is its accessibility. Its oversized cushioned seat, extra-wide ergonomic pedals and built-in workout fan make it easy to use for people of all ages and exercise abilities.


The SB700 doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, but its durability and wireless technology offer enough convenience for those not looking to bring a literal class of Soul Cycle into their living room. An LCD screen displays real-time information including time, distance, kCal and heart rate, a dial allows for smooth resistance settings and a highly adjustable seat and pedals prioritize rider comfort.

peloton w


Beginner’s Guide to Canoeing – A Quick Guide for Newbies

Anyone who wants to enjoy the sport of canoeing will first have to know the basics. Many people have learned to canoe without reading a guide. However, they make many mistakes and do not quite understand the basics of canoeing. A beginner’s guide to canoeing can help to eliminate some of the frustration that can come from being a new canoer.

Go to a Local Canoe School

One of the best resources for information on beginner’s canoeing is a local canoe school. These schools allow canoers to come in for training on canoeing equipment. They can train under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. The trainers allow the canoers to go out on the water and try different techniques on a canoe.

The students at these schools usually pay a small fee to be there and take the classes. While it is nice to sit in class and learn how to maneuver the canoes, being out on the lake under the guidance of a professional is much better for beginners.


Get Some Advice from Experienced Canoers

Another great place for beginners to get advice is their friends and relatives who have a lot of experience in canoeing. They can tell you about the canoes they have used and liked. You will be able to learn a lot of things this way.

You should never buy a canoe off of the Internet or from a sales brochure without taking the time out to do some research. This is because many manufacturers of these canoes are inexperienced and don’t provide high-quality canoes. Purchasing from an experienced canoe company can save you a lot of money, and you are also sure to get a high-quality canoe.

If none of the above options is viable, you may want to try looking online. There are several websites dedicated to canoes. Some of them even offer a beginner’s guide to canoes as a free service for their subscribers.


You can read all about the various makes and models of canoes and get tips for buying the right canoe. While most of these sites will have expert Canoe reviewers who can help answer any questions you may have, you may have to pay for some of these reviews.

Check the Boating Regulations

Before buying a canoe, check your town or city government’s boating regulations. Some towns and cities do not allow canoeing in certain areas. This includes lakes that are within 20 miles of a city. If you have purchased a used canoe, ask the owner to show you the maintenance records to know what to expect from the canoe.

You Can Purchase a Used Canoe from an Outdoor Store


The best place to find good used canoes for beginners is at an outdoor store. These stores are usually owned by people who know how to canoe, and they will often sell their old canoes at a very low price. The downside is that they may not have the selection that you would find at a store.

You Can Buy a New Canoe from a Dealer

If you cannot find used canoes in your local area, you can buy a new canoe from a dealer. Buying a canoe from a dealer is a good idea for two reasons. One, because you will get better pricing than if you purchased the canoe directly from a private seller. Two, when you buy a canoe from a dealer, you will receive a full beginner’s guide to canoeing. So, you will be sure to have everything that you need to learn to canoe confidently.

Practice Time


When it comes to canoeing, only practice makes you perfect. Practice on the lake, in a pool, and in the ocean. By using the proper techniques and the beginner’s guide to canoes, you will soon become an expert.