Beginner’s Guide to Canoeing – A Quick Guide for Newbies


Anyone who wants to enjoy the sport of canoeing will first have to know the basics. Many people have learned to canoe without reading a guide. However, they make many mistakes and do not quite understand the basics of canoeing. A beginner’s guide to canoeing can help to eliminate some of the frustration that can come from being a new canoer.

Go to a Local Canoe School

One of the best resources for information on beginner’s canoeing is a local canoe school. These schools allow canoers to come in for training on canoeing equipment. They can train under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. The trainers allow the canoers to go out on the water and try different techniques on a canoe.

The students at these schools usually pay a small fee to be there and take the classes. While it is nice to sit in class and learn how to maneuver the canoes, being out on the lake under the guidance of a professional is much better for beginners.


Get Some Advice from Experienced Canoers

Another great place for beginners to get advice is their friends and relatives who have a lot of experience in canoeing. They can tell you about the canoes they have used and liked. You will be able to learn a lot of things this way.

You should never buy a canoe off of the Internet or from a sales brochure without taking the time out to do some research. This is because many manufacturers of these canoes are inexperienced and don’t provide high-quality canoes. Purchasing from an experienced canoe company can save you a lot of money, and you are also sure to get a high-quality canoe.

If none of the above options is viable, you may want to try looking online. There are several websites dedicated to canoes. Some of them even offer a beginner’s guide to canoes as a free service for their subscribers.


You can read all about the various makes and models of canoes and get tips for buying the right canoe. While most of these sites will have expert Canoe reviewers who can help answer any questions you may have, you may have to pay for some of these reviews.

Check the Boating Regulations

Before buying a canoe, check your town or city government’s boating regulations. Some towns and cities do not allow canoeing in certain areas. This includes lakes that are within 20 miles of a city. If you have purchased a used canoe, ask the owner to show you the maintenance records to know what to expect from the canoe.

You Can Purchase a Used Canoe from an Outdoor Store


The best place to find good used canoes for beginners is at an outdoor store. These stores are usually owned by people who know how to canoe, and they will often sell their old canoes at a very low price. The downside is that they may not have the selection that you would find at a store.

You Can Buy a New Canoe from a Dealer

If you cannot find used canoes in your local area, you can buy a new canoe from a dealer. Buying a canoe from a dealer is a good idea for two reasons. One, because you will get better pricing than if you purchased the canoe directly from a private seller. Two, when you buy a canoe from a dealer, you will receive a full beginner’s guide to canoeing. So, you will be sure to have everything that you need to learn to canoe confidently.

Practice Time


When it comes to canoeing, only practice makes you perfect. Practice on the lake, in a pool, and in the ocean. By using the proper techniques and the beginner’s guide to canoes, you will soon become an expert.

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